Mobile phones

25 March 2021 16:36

Here I will be talking of my thought about the role of smartphones in today's society, if you want a technical opinion about this, see the technology section. Mobile devices are sadly the most used platfrom amongst today's youth, I was really shocked when I learned that other youngsters use a mobile phone more than a laptop or a desktop computer. The real problem about this is more and more people are becoming addicted to cell phones, from the old man, that will interrupt anything he is doing as soon as he hears the smartphone ringing, to the young lady constantly checking how many likes she has on social media. The most worrying thing is that today even kids (and I mean small kids under 10!) are becoming addicted to smartphones, either to watch their favorite kid youtubers or to play the stupidest games. This way today's kids will have a much easier access to the internet, where they can see malicious content and easily be manipulated by the mainstream internet media. People have built a "reputation" around social media, if you don't have many followers and likes you are nobody, and such idiocy... However, you can say no to this, you can reconnect yourself with nature, not give your kid a smartphone and not be addicted to them. When you have the pleasure to listen to music digitally, watch a movie, chat with somebody, do it with your computer, this way you will surely limit the addiction to it, you will be more woke, healthier and even safer because of privacy problems that afflict mobile devices. Just take back the pleasure of doing something offline, away from technology, and when you want to use technology (which is surely good, but only if you use it properly), use a laptop or a desktop computer, as it will limit a possible addiction, and will surely bring technical advantages!


21 March 2021 22:30

Is the pursuit of beauty (in persons and in objects) really that shallow? Personally I'd say no. Of course this is a subjective topic, and what looks good to me might look hideous to you, but just think for a moment of all those times you took effort to make your room, your house, your desktop or whatever you've worked on to look aesthetically pleasing. Isn't it extremely satisfying to have for example your desktop environment or tiling window manager just look the way you want? Or enter in your room and have it really your style, doesn't it become your personal paradise in one way? I guess we've all been there at least once, haven't we? I guess we all can agree when something looks good, it can make us feel good... but what about people? Is it that superficial if you want to find someone beautiful? Of course we should not judge a book by its cover, but often, what is on the outside does reflect what is on the inside. In most cases, a good looking person is somebody who takes care of himself/herself, personal care is often an indicator of self love and well being, or in some other cases, people who lack self-confidence will retreive it once they learn to take care of their own looks. Evil people often have an ugly facial expression, a noticable flaw, a wicked smile or hideous sight/looks, even if they have a proportional face, an appealing color scheme or a fit body. On the contrary, someone who doesn't have such nice features, but is a wonderful person, almost surely will have a beautiful smile, deep eyes, or something that will make them beautiful. Therefore no, it's not shallow to seek beauty, not in this way at least, it can be even quite wise, if you're perceptive enough.